This week has been so cold during the night and in the morning.  We’re so thankful for our wood stove to keep us warm!

Sorry this is a terrible picture.

Daniel’s been diligent in keeping lots of wood on the front porch and building the fires for us!

The leaves on ground are everywhere on the farm and are beautiful with all the different colors!


On Friday some of us went to a piano concert in Nashville.

The stage was amazing.


After the concert, we went to Mellow Mushroom for pizza.  And then got home at midnight!

We’ve enjoyed our puppy, Domino so much!

Domino and Caroline ended up matching Sunday!

He sleeps A LOT.

We never did post this

We never posted what happened to our porch! We put a fairly good size concrete slab. Here are some pictures.

They pulled all of the separate pieces of concrete off. Then it was all dirt!

The concrete truck!

Pour, pour, pour!

I think in this picture, they still had some smoothing out to do.

We are enjoying it so much. It’s been great for reading!

What fellowship is like when y’all aren’t here

*edit* I forgot this picture the first time!^

Missin’ y’all! Hurry back!


Believe it or not, we posted!! It’s been since January since we last posted. Sorry y’all! We’ve been pretty busy these couple of months. A couple of weeks ago, we got some chickens!!

We got 40 layers!

Here’s are tilled garden. We’ve already planted about half of it!

And I’ll end with a VERY silly dog who wants to go outside and play with the kittens.

Shock of all shocks

We’re posting!!!

It occurred to me the other day that since we’ve last posted, half of our family members have had birthdays! AND, just four days before our last post, Daniel had a birthday too. So, happy birthday y’all!

Daniel was first…

July2009 030

Then Chris…


Then Mom…

And finally we come to the youngest in the family, Caroline.


If you have a desire to hear about anything that’s been going on lately, leave a comment and I’ll try to get a certain person to post for you.